Weaver. Dancer. Kitchen mystic. Songstress. Herbalist. Mentor. Champion of all things small and overlooked. Teacher. Guardian. Witch.

Our Mission

I could say a lot of things about who I am and what I believe in in the world:

Why I am qualified (or not) to hold space for your healing journey. Authentically, I am not interested in convincing you to trust me. Or, proving anything to you. I will say this: I believe in the capacity of the human spirit to heal, evolve, overcome anything. I myself have traveled through the dark corners of my own psyche and out the other side. I have struggled with chronic pain and disability my whole life and found peace. I have lost my sense of self and somehow conjured her back again. I know the magic and medicine that got me through my life is in the simplest practices and pleasures: singing songs around the fire, harvesting food with my own hands, praying to the ancestors, tracking my dreams and the messages that come in liminal ways, weaving baskets, sitting in a moonlodge with my elders, finding the bird whose song draws me from sleep, and dance, dance, dance, dance, dance. Not just clubbing and wedding-style dance parties, but dance – wild pure uninhibited movement, finding an impulse and following it.

I stand here humbly before you to ask that you allow me, you entrust me, to be one small part of your journey to find your wildest most authentic human self – to instigate, agitate or inspire something new. Not because I know everything, but because I have a passion about sharing what I have learned. I stand here before you in answer to the call of the Northern Flicker, the Hummingbird, and the Wolf who have led me to my quiet knowing that this is what I am meant to do in the world.


My Teachers

I thank Matthew Wood for teaching and mentoring me for 10 years. For being the first one to see my gifts with plant medicine and (stubbornly) not allowing me to walk away from my calling.

In gratitude to Dave Hage, Lauren Dalbreth Hage, Will Scott, and the Weaving Earth staff, Jon Young, the 8Shields Institute for teaching me about nature connection and helping me reinvigorate my childhood curiosity and passion for birds.

I send deep love and appreciation to Kathy Altman, Jenny Macke, Joseph Machado, Cynthia Kennedy, Audrey Boss, and the Open Floor International faculty for taking my love of dance and helping me turn it into a passion for holding sacred movement spaces for others.

I stand here with the following hands at my back: my father, Dadda


What do you dream about? what do you long for? Where do you feel stuck? Where does your aliveness need validation? Where are you alone and where are you most whole? When do you feel your greatest self? How do you struggle to find and build the life that sustains your passions and joys?


I know that you have everything you need within you right now at this moment to live your most perfect life. Allow me to help you drop-in to the knowing, to breath life into your own gifts, to help you see yourself for the beautiful perfectly imperfect creature that you are.

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