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Date Night: You Can't Take Me Anywhere

Most couples have an unspoken contract—we expect that we’ll have each other’s backs, right or wrong. But are there any circumstances in which a spouse should not come to your rescue? Is there ever a good reasonto refuse to tag-in and leave your partner alone in the fighting ring?
My husband and I dove into that fun topic the other night. Check out this tangle of thorns: . We were at the movies, which is always a potentially volatile situation for me. If anything distracts from the screen, I can’t enjoy the movie, no matter how good it is. Had I been seated next to an occasional throat-clearer during Forrest Gump, I would have shrugged my shoulders and said to my date, “Meh. That was okay, I guess,” as the credits rolled.
To avoid this kind of strife, I have some rules: We don’t see anything on opening night because I feel too self-conscious eating my contraband four-layer chocolate cake or hoagie with extra vinaigrette while a stranger is sharing my armrest. We arrive at least a hal…