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Good vs EVL

I yell too much. I know this because Chad laughs whenever I raise my voice.  He’s completely desensitized. Anything and nothing can set me off—him wearing a dirty shirt; the way he brushes his teeth (WRONG); him eating my Ben & Jerry's after I told him he could eat my Ben & Jerry's, but he waited so long that I just assumed he never ate it. I go along thinking there’s Ben & Jerry's, and three weeks later when I find one bite left in the carton, I lose my shit.
The frustration is real, but sometimes I wonder if I’m also yelling for comedic effect at this point. Like a kid who drops the F-bomb to riotous laughter. She looks around, pleased that she got such a wildly positive reaction from all these adults. She says FUCK again and again until faces and words get stern, and finally she’s sent to bed without ice cream. That’s me. Except my husband keeps laughing. So I keep yelling.
There are times when I’m really mad, but he doesn’t always know that right away. So …