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How Facebook and Twitter Injured my Eye

I like to think I have a relatively healthy relationship with social media. I try to remember it’s not a tool for gaining validation and attention. Ideally, it should only be used for looking at puppies.
So, I hardly ever post selfies (because I look haggy in them), or my accomplishments (nobody cares if I did half a pull-up), or sappy sentiments about my marriage (because this is almost always an omen that the relationship is doomed).
I just know my followers and friends are seeing my feed and thinking to themselves, “now THAT’S one well-adjusted lady!”
Wait—you’re not looking at my feed at all?
I don’t care. See? Healthy.
But lately my social media activity has not felt healthy at all. (I’ve been using it for reasons other than looking at puppies.)
I knew things might get weird when I started promoting myself on Facebook in hopes of getting a publishing contract. For 30 days, my book Wait for the Light is posted on Kindle Scout, and I need to campaign for votes the entire time.