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STAY BACK! 5 Things I Learned from my Aggressive Dog

It will be fun, we thought. A lifelong playmate for our current dog, Chilly! Someone to take the constant pressure for canine entertainment off us! The perfect addition to our family! Little did we know.

My husband Chad always yearned for an Irish Wolfhound. It was one of his life’s dreams, and it still is. However, when we agreed to get a second dog I was adamant that we rescue. We quickly discovered that these sedate, pricey gentle giants weren’t just sitting around in shelters free for the taking. So, we came up with a compromise: an Irish Wolfhound mix  that we found online.¹

We fell in love with this lanky black dog that had been left on the side of a Fayette County, Ohio road in a cardboard box along with her 4-6 siblings. The rescue organization had dubbed her Eileen. We decided to change her name to Liz Lemon (a big shout out to all my fellow 30 Rock fans) because that was the kind of cool people we were. We also thought it was ridiculously cool that she was being trained by a…

A Personal Story

About four years ago my wife Erin called me crying from work. She hated her job. She was miserable.
I told her to quit. That she would find something else.
Erin had never really found her place in life, never really done what she wanted. I told her to find something she loves and do that. For about a year, she meandered from one thing to the next: Coffee Barista, Dog Walker, Dog Trainer. She spent some time in the world of retail. None of it ever really fit.
I'm not quite sure how it happened, but one day she started to write. She became obsessed with it. She read books on writing. She took voluminous notes. And on every long car trip it would be another title from Audible like "How to Write Like a Pro" or "How to Write a Novel that Doesn't Suck." And we would talk about plots and characters. Several times in my life I tried to write. I would bang out pages for maybe a year, then I'd quit. All I have left now are two cringe-worthy novels sitting on …